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Personal Checking Account

Low monthly maintenance fee!*

The monthly service fee may be waived by maintaining a minimum daily balance and by using your Visa® Debit Check Card (see details below)

As a Member of Coventry Credit Union, you will enjoy a variety of conveniences. Just look at the incentives that come with a Coventry Credit Union Personal Checking Account.

  • Visa® Debit Check Card
  • Unlimited Debit Card Purchases
  • Online Banking
  • Bill Pay Service
  • E-statements with check images
  • Mobile and Text Banking
  • Unlimited check writing
  • Touch Tone Teller is our 24-hour automated service that you may call to access your accounts from any touch tone telephone
  • 24-hour ATM access at thousands of surcharge-free ATM machines that are part of the NYCE®, Cirrus®, and Credit Union Connection Networks (applicable fees may apply from the owner of the ATM)
  • Overdraft Options Available


    * Each statement cycle that your account meets the following two conditions;

    1. A minimum daily balance of $1000.00 must be maintained throughout   the statement cycle. and;

    2. A minimum of 8 Point of Sale (POS) purchases must be made using your linked Visa® Debit Check Card throughout the statement cycle.

      the maintenance fee will be waived.

    We reserve the right to change the terms of this account at any time with proper notice.


Overdraft Product Options Available

Learn more about Overdraft Privileges and what they mean for you!

Overdraft Privilege Service - You Must Opt In for this Service

  • $500.00 that Coventry Credit Union covers in the event of an overdraft
  • Returned Checks and Automatic Withdrawals (ACH) will be honored up to that amount.
  • Fee is $30.00 per transaction
  • You MUST OPT-IN for Coventry Credit Union to authorize and pay overdrafts for ATM Transactions and CCU Visa® Debit Check Card transactions.  If you do NOT OPT-IN for this service, your ATM Transaction or CCU Visa® Debit Check Card transaction will be declined (review the details of "OPT IN / OPT OUT for Overdraft Services" via the link below).

Overdraft Protection Linked to Statement Savings Account

  • Draws from your own Statement Savings Account in the event of an overdraft.
  • Fee is $5.00 per transaction
  • Returned Checks and CCU Visa® Debit Check Card transactions will be honored up to the amount that is available in your Statement Savings Account.

Overdraft Line of Credit

  • Overdraft Line of Credit is available up to the amount of $1,000.
  • Overdraft Line is determined upon credit pre-qualfication through Consumer Loan application.
  • A 15% interest rate is applicable while Line of Credit is in use.  

 CCU Visa® Debit Check Card

A Coventry Credit Union Visa® Check Card is a Debit Card that works like a check, only better! When making purchases, the amount purchased is deducted directly from your Coventry Credit Union Checking Account. The CCU Visa® Debit Check Card is valid anywhere that Visa® is accepted.   

How Does it Work?

Debit Check Card transactions are automatically deducted form your CCU Checking Account and typically posted within 24 hours of your purchase. So you may check your updated balance and transaction record via MembertNet online banking services at or dial into the Touch Tone Teller telephone banking system at (800) 822-8077.

Security and Account Tracking

When you sign for your purchases, the money comes directly from your CCU Checking Account, but you also have the added benefit of security features to help prevent, detect and resolve fraud. You will be able to track your transactions each month when you receive your Checking Account Statement with the details of each purchase including merchant name, location, date and amount.

ATM Access

The CCU Visa® Debit Check Card also offers convenient, 24-hour access to your Coventry Credit Union Accounts at thousands of ATM machines that are part of the NYCE®, Cirrus® and Credit Union Connection networks (applicable fees may apply).


Setup Visa Purchase Alerts for your Visa Debit Check Card Here




*Other fees may apply for ATM withdrawals or balance inquires.